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Play Free Video Poker at the Best Online Casinos

Video poker or quite often addressed as pokies have long become widely accepted and played casino games worldwide. It is similar to table poker to some extent and slots in the way it is spun. Here, unlike the real poker game where several players are involved, you play against the casino house only. It’s a solo game. Another visible dissimilarity is the number of rounds. Here you only have two rounds.

Nevertheless, whether you play free video poker online or for real money the aim of the two games remains the same – to get the strongest hand to win the bankroll.

Double Bonus Video Poker Online for Real Money

Double Bonus video poker has been quickly gaining popularity since its creation. In fact, it’s a serious rival to Jacks of Better. Another advantage of Double Bonus video poker over the renowned Jacks or Better is the higher variance – 2x! This is truly a more volatile game with bigger ups and downs. So, if you feel attracted to choose Double Bonus to play video poker online, consider one of the following websites:

  • Wizards of Odds;
  • GGpoker;
  • PokerStars;
  • Unibet;
  • NetOnline Casino;
  • Vegas Casino;
  • Ignition Casino;
  • Slots LV Casino.

All the sites mentioned above enable visitors to play free video poker games online, as well as for real money. Can you find a Double Bonus to play free video poker in these casinos? Surely! They ensure safe and secure gambling for all their players.

Easy Strategy for Beginners

Are you new to Double Bonus Poker? If yes, then we’d recommend you stuck to the basic strategy at first. Then you can gradually try out new tactics and see what works for you the best. Here is a list of possible hands and how to deal with them:

  1. Royal Flush Draw vs Flush – choose the former hand;
  2. Royal Flush Draw vs Straight Flush – choose the latter;
  3. Flush vs Four to a Straight – choose the latter;
  4. A Pair of Aces vs Two Pair of Aces – stick to the latter;
  5. Jacks/Queens/Kings/Aces vs discarding the whole hand – keep the cards.

Now if any of these combinations happens to you, you will know how to act.

Triple Play Video Poker: Play Free Online without Downloading

Nowadays you can access any reputable online casino to play free video poker games online. Triple Play Video Poker is quite a popular variation of pokies and it would be a pity if you didn’t try it at least once. If you want to choose Triple Play Poker to play free video poker online you need no download since it’s widely available online. This game is notable for it can be played with multiple hands – three, to be precise. So you can beat the casino house over multiple hands at once. Try out your skills for free at Penny Slot Machines, Free Slots,, etc. To play free video poker you don’t have to be experienced since it’s a straightforward game with easy gameplay. Try out for free and gain practice for real money gambling.

Play poker online Australia: win real money, enjoying your hobby

Poker – is one of the most popular gambling games ever. People appreciate it a lot, because unlike other gambling games, in poker you can control the situation and your actions here truly have an effort. The main idea of poker – is to collect a combination of cards on hands. There is a list of combinations, and each combination has its own rarity. Usually, poker is a cooperative game and on the table are playing a couple of people at the same time. So, at the end of the round all bets will claim the person, who’s collected the best combination among other players.

In this article we’ll be talking about ways to play poker, using VPN. Also, we’ll discuss how to play poker online free and win real money.

How to play poker online free, using VPN

Gambling – is a sphere of entertainment, that became popular only a couple of years ago. Even though it existed since the period of the Ancient Greece reign, in most part of countries it was banned for centuries. Only in 21st century gambling finally became independent and got a permission to open offline and online casinos.

But, in some countries with strict laws, especially Muslim ones, gambling is still banned and people can’t access even online casinos. Luckily, modern technologies can help to avoid this problem. First of all, to avoid tracking of personal credit card, it’ll be wise to create e-wallet, that will be possible to use for making deposits and withdrawing money.

Secondly, to access an online casino, you can use a VPN. It’ll help you to change and hide your location, so you’ll be able to enjoy favorite games without being noticed.

An algorithm of using VPN is very simple:

  • To play poker online Australia and make money, you need to choose VPN that is available in your country. Some of them are free, for using other ones you’ll need to pay a symbolic sum of money;
  • Once you made up your choice, you need to connect VPN to a server location;
  • Then, you can safely play poker games and withdraw your winnings;

As you can see, with vpn you can play poker machines online safely from any region.

How to make money, playing 3 card poker in Australia

Poker, unlike slots, roulette and craps, is a quite complicated gambling game and in order to master it, you’ll have to practice a lot and sharp up your skill during the gaming sessions. In the internet you’ll find many information and guides, that can help you to learn how to play poker better. There are even full books with detailed strategies and tricks.

But, while you’re still a beginner, you can use some simple tips, that can improve your gaming experience:

  1. Before starting a 3 card play poker online Australia, it’s important to carefully read all rules and learn them. In the poker they matter a lot, and not knowing details might lead to losing in the round;
  2. Practice your skill in free demo versions. Luckily, online gambling gives you an opportunity to play games for free, so you can take an advantage of it and train for as long as you need it;
  3. Set your limit. To prevent a gambling addiction, it’s important to control yourself and don’t spend more than you can allow;
  4. Find a good online casino with high win rate and payout percentages, so that you’ll have better odds of winning;
  5. Play two poker games at the time: Pair Plus and Ante-Play;

Using these simple tips, you’ll be able to learn how to play the poker game faster and start winning real money here.

Play Poker Online With Friends: Use The Best iOS Apps & Enjoy Modern Technologies!

The game of poker for money is gaining more and more popularity all over the world, as it allows participants to get a sufficient dose of adrenaline and win real money. New products for poker players are created regularly. Apple today is the leader in the segment of applications developed for its products that allow you to play poker on iOS mobile devices. Of course, among all the variety of such iPhone developments, there are varied quality apps to play poker online with friends.

Play Poker Online With Friends: Best iOS Apps To Organize Tournaments

The following iOS apps will give users the opportunity to play poker with real opponents comfortably:

  • Hover Poker is an easy-to-use application. Here players can organize an SnG type tournament. Players who are physically located in any part of the world can become participants in the tournament. The number of participants is limited – only 22 players. The tournament organizer can only be one person who will administer its course. This app is available for iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch users (iOS version 2.2.1);
  • PokerStars app leads the way for iOS to play poker online with friends. Here players can also organize tournaments and play poker with friends. The application is convenient in that it duplicates all the functions of the desktop version;
  • Poker Buddy is a good application for organizing poker tournaments with friends. Large entry fees and prize pools are available here. This application will independently calculate the blind levels, the size of the ante. Besides, the system will independently redistribute players at the tables, taking into account the size of the stacks. The application will also help the participants decide on the structure of the tournament or provide the players with a ready-made template.

There are two ways to download the poker application for IOS to play poker free with friends online. These are: from the official website of the poker site or the App Store. In the first case, to install the poker program, the player will need to allow the use of this source in the device settings, and in the second, enter the Apple ID data. Installing from the official website of the room and the App Store is safe.

Is It Possible To Play Poker With Friends Online For Real Money?

Yes, it is! The tournament organizer can independently choose of how to play poker online with friends: play for play chips or real money. To select the right app for playing real money, you need to consider the following criteria:

  • The honesty and legality of the poker room, that is, the presence of an official license to carry out gambling activities;
  • Variety of cash games, tournaments, and other gaming disciplines at the chosen limits;
  • Benefits of the bonus program for new and old users, that is, generous welcome bonuses and high rake-back for the loyalty program to play poker with friends;
  • The convenience of methods of depositing and withdrawing funds, speed of cash outs in the poker room.

Besides, when choosing app to play poker online with friends for money, it is also important to take into account the strength of the playing field, the quality of the poker software, and the possibility of using third-party programs.

Free play Poker tournaments – the best way for gamblers to entertain themselves and to get adrenaline with no charges

If a fan of Poker is a bit dull of regular game’s battles, one of the possible way outs is to play Poker tournaments online. The rules remain the same, but the structure and the process is filled with more emotions and multifarious options. It can be free play Poker tournaments or the same for living. Such battles can be easily found at practically all well-advanced online casinos or special Poker rooms. The most attractive aspect of such pastime is an opportunity to compete against real opponents, but not a soulless computer program.

Poker tournaments – the basic guide for beginners

There are many well-known resources with an opportunity to participate in Poker tournaments. The structure doesn’t differ much, and the main otherness is the type of Poker and prize funds. There’s one interesting peculiarity of real money or free play Poker tournaments – the game is played for real money, but not with real money. That means that players, usually, pay the entry fee and receive the chips to play for.

When the competition is over, the calculation of the dibs lead to the wins, which players receive, depending on the achieved place. As an example, if there were 10 opponents and each of them paid 10 CAD of entry fee, the prize fund is 100 CAD. Well, the winner receives approximately 50 CAD, e.g., the runner-up gets 30 CAD and the 3rd place is rewarded with 20 CAD. Or it can be different, depending on the resource’s rules.

Online casinos and Poker rooms offer a variety of tournaments, where the most sought after are the following ones.

  • Sit & Go is a small battle against 6 or 9 opponents (usually), when it takes short time to identify the winner.
  • Freerolls are the most popular free play Poker tournaments with no entry fee required, but with an opportunity to gain real money. And in spite of having not big rewards, it is always attractive to get something without spending anything from own pocket.
  • Multi-Table Tournament (MTT) is a special and big event that is often a part of a major competition.
  • Bounty Tournaments are the battles, when a participant gets additional prizes for eliminating the enemies.
  • Turbos are the tournaments with quick blinds levels’ changes to make the process very fast and exciting.

As it can be seen from the above mentioned list, every fan of the game has a great choice to find something special and suitable to satisfy personal gambling appetites.

Real money or free play Poker tournaments’ tips and tricks

Every Poker player has own secrets of the successful game, while participating in various tournaments, but there are, still, some general rules, which should be considered to increase the winning chances.

  • There are 3 main stages of every round of the game: early, middle and late ones. So, it’s better to play tightly in the beginning and to become an aggressive player closer to the late phases.
  • Bets’ size is a very important aspect of a successful game. So, as an example, a player is better to raise with 2.5 sizes of big blinds on the pre-flop and to use the continuing bet at the value of 50 – 70 % of the bank.
  • Try to control a personal bankroll and don’t let it down less than 10 big blinds.
  • Follow the chosen strategy of the game during the whole tournament.

Well, every fan of Poker is welcome to participate in various real money or free play Poker tournaments to get exciting emotions and to earn some cash. Thanks God, it’s not an issue to find an online casino or a Poker room with suitable variants to take part in.